4 criteria to make the most out of your landing page value proposition

“I’m nailing my CTR — mine’s above the baseline of 2% — but I can’t convert them in my landing page.”

People spend too much time on landing pages. I’ve mentioned earlier how one even spent months tinkering with it. But the craft of building landing pages has evolved to the point where there are best practices. Despite these best practices, however, someĀ marketers spend a lot of money doing A/B testing. I’ve been there.

But those aren’t really the right questions. The right questions involve asking “do I understand the user’s pain? their unmet needs?” and ” what is my proposition that uniquely solves for that need?”. Once you’ve nailed that, crafting your landing page value proposition right will be easy.

There’s 4 criteria to making the most of your landing page value proposition:

  1. Are you communicating a benefit that solves a specific need?
  2. Are you building in the right design elements (weight, detail, size, contrast) to bring attention to this value proposition?
  3. Have you built-in a one line what’ or ‘how’ that concretizes the value proposition?
  4. Is there a visual hero shot that further conretizesĀ the value proposition?

Kredo is a fantastic example of a landing page value proposition done right.