Is your landing page too warm and friendly to be professional?

“I’ve designed my landing page to be warm and friendly. Have I gone too far? Does my color scheme look unprofessional?”

There’s a wrong assumption here. Can you tell what it is?

The assumption here is that ‘a professional look’ is a function of the degree of warmth and the degree of coolness of the color scheme. The less warm a color scheme is, the more professional it looks like and vice versa. Not only is this wrong, but you’re pulling yourself into a qualitative loop where you don’t really know whether how much is too much.

The right question to determine whether a color scheme is professional or casual is based on the color scheme type. In other words, is the scheme monochromatic, analogous, complementary, or triadic?

Before we show you the tool, let’s look through what each term means:

scheme guide

Now that you got the basic definitions down, here’s the tool to check if your color scheme has a ‘professional’ tone or a ‘casual’ tone:

tonality guide

To see this expressed in landing pages, see below how each color scheme may look like in various landing pages:

tonality landing page guide

And that’s it! Next time, when you’re determining the design strategy of your landing page, select the type of color scheme first then work from there.


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