1 checklist to increase traffic for consumer products (doggy care! shampoo! gaming! xyz!)

You’re confident in your product but you’re not confident in yourself. You just can’t seem to put your product in front of enough people. Your product is so simple. “It’s just doggy care!” “Just shampoo!” “A game!” You’ve tried what you can do. You’ve set up a website and you got that Facebook page out. And yet you still fail to generate traffic. You might have even forced yourself to ask your Facebook friends to “like” your content. You must felt like an idiot doing that.

And then you hunt for that right marketing approach for your business. You consult message boards and forums for landing page critiques or customer acquisition advice so you can finally get that right tactic or that right strategy for your business to start generating traffic.

And you can get that certainty. I’ve worked with 7 different brands in my life and I’ve figured it out.

Here’s the main advice that I want to share:

There is no right strategy. Nor there is a right tactic that fits your context. Your business is not unique.

Hear me out.

Look around you: why is it that big corporations like Procter & Gamble, L’Oreal, and General Mills have so many different and unique brands and yet they seem to operate well? Wouldn’t the employees get confused when they switch to different brands because they’ll need to change their frameworks?

The answer is… no, they don’t get confused. It doesn’t matter if it’s Iams (pet food), Pantene (shampoo), or Tide (detergent), any business unit within the big corporation hums along very well.

That’s because these brands, specifically consumer brands, are not very different. This is a mindset that you need to lock in your mind.

Okay, enough of that pep talk. Now that you got the mindset right, here’s the checklist to drive more traffic to your business.


Note: yeah, that’s a really long list. But it helps keep you accountable! If you’d like to put it up as a wallpaper as a constant reminder (actually, you should if you want results), I’ll send it over to you for free if you subscribe to my newsletter below-